General measures

  • Checking the HACCP standards in all departments in the company
  • Increase in disinfection facilities for our guests and employees Disinfection dispensers are available at all entrances and exits of the front and back areas
  • More intensive ventilation of our rooms, especially restaurant, foyer, staff rooms etc.
  • Daily multiple disinfection of public areas, door handles, handrails and objects of freely accessible use
  • Do not display materials that are difficult to clean (flyers in public areas, wool blankets, pillows in the room, etc.)
  • Illustration of our current hygiene measures on the website
  • Special cancellation conditions: If a room reservation/event or the like cannot be realized due to official regulations due to COVID-19, you have the possibility to cancel it free of charge or to look for an alternative date together with us
  • Plexiglass panes at the hotel reception protect you and our employees in direct contact
  • Multiple options for hygienic hand washing in public areas with
  • PH-neutral hand soap on natural basis
  • Short distances to hospitals and medical facilities
  • Max. 2 persons at the same time in the sauna

For the protection of our employees and for you

  • All employees wear a mouth-and-nose protection during working hours and maintain appropriate distance regulations to their colleagues and our guests
  • Daily check of the health of our employees - in case of corresponding symptoms within our team, the employee is requested to leave the premises directly and to contact the doctor by phone immediately. A list of all direct contacts must be reported to the company immediately
  • Internal meetings are also held at appropriate distances of 1.5 m, unless they can be held by telephone or digitally
  • Staff canteens are staffed at staggered break times. Here, the same applies to granting the interval
  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of work equipment/tools - if possible, these are only used for personal use
  • Hygiene and behavioral training courses are held for our employees at regular intervals and as soon as new regulations apply.

Our protective measures in the restaurant area

  • Disinfection dispenser at the entrance of the restaurant
  • Record contact details in writing or with the QR Code about the time of arrival and departure of the restaurant. This data is stored for 3 weeks
  • There is a minimum distance of 1.50 m from table to table
  • There are no seats left at the restaurant counter
  • Disinfection of tables and surfaces after each guest
  • Our service employees wear a mouth-and-nose protection during the entire working time
  • Our menus are available in the form of a QR code that can be called up with your own smartphone or as a laminated version that is disinfected after each guest
  • Contactless payment is preferred - the EC device is disinfected after each use
  • Several times a day disinfection of public areas and sanitary facilities
  • We do without salt and pepper shakers on the tables, provide them only as needed and disinfect them after each guest
  • After the removal of plates and glasses by our employees, hands are washed immediately, especially before touching clean dishes
  • We control the best possible time distribution of guests in the restaurant
  • Regular, generous ventilation of the entire restaurant
  • We do without invoice folders and used pens are disinfected after each guest

Measures in the kitchen

  • Work areas are further equalized to allow more distance between employees
  • Working materials are personal and are regularly hot-washed and surfaces regularly disinfected
  • Dirty and clean dishes are separated from each other even better.
  • Disposable gloves must be worn
  • Our suppliers must wear a mouth and nose protector and disinfect their hands before entering the hotel

Housekeeping/Building services

  • Higher standards of hygiene apply to room cleaning; especially for objects of daily use such as remote controls, window handles, light switches, etc.
  • A general obligation to wear mouthguards and disposable gloves applies
  • Public areas are cleaned and disinfected at short intervals


  • Plexiglass panes at the hotel reception protect you and our employees in direct contact
  • There is a compulsory mouthguard for the employees
  • Disinfection of surfaces such as keyboards, telephones, etc. and all objects used by the guest such as room cards, pens and documents
  • With the possibility of paying for the overnight stay at check-in (by credit card), the check-out is a contactless handing over of the room card

For your safety at an event/conference

When booking the event

  • We offer you for your number of participants if you offer your day room
  • We will hear the minimum distance of 1.50 m from the seating
  • Should new restrictions arise due to COVID-19, we would be happy to find an alternative date with you to carry out your planned event

Before the event

  • Address, contact number, email address
  • To track infection chain complaints, three times a week and destroy
  • We would like to point out that the following symptoms do not allow perception in our house: fever from 37.5° C and coughing with shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
  • When entering the hotel/conference room, we bit you to disinfect your hands and our own rights at stations.
  • Everyone has access to their own table with a certain minimum distance from their neighbors. Glasses are set directly on the table.
  • There is a drinks station in the room, from which everyone else can do himself.
  • Clipboards and pens are also available if required.
  • Your coffee break is made up of portions in the room - not in one of our public foyers.
  • Meals for lunch or dinner are not served as a buffet, but as a plate.
  • The event room and group groups are disinfected after the end of the conference and, if necessary, in the meantime.
  • Each group becomes its own living area for breaks, group work and other possessions.